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6 Ideas to Organize the Laundry Room

6 Ideas to Organize the Laundry Room

Whether your laundry room is a spacious area or a tiny closet, organization is the key!

1- Take advantage of all the space you have, even the walls . Most ceilings are at least 8 or 9 feet high leaving plenty of unused wall space for installing shelves and storage cabinets.

2- For a polished laundry room try using storage baskets of the same size, shape and color. Choose light color baskets for most of your items, and a large one of a different color for dirty clothes. This will help us to maintain the area, and make it look tidy with the repeated basket display.

3- Hang your ironing board on the wall or design a cabinet to conceal it inside. Some hide-a-way cabinets allow you to mount the ironing board so you can fold it down when using it, then store it away when done.

4- Install in the laundry room a clothing rod and plenty of hooks for you to use when doing laundry and hanging up delicate wash.

5- Add a wood or metal folding table to match your decor. If you’re tight on space, arrange your washer and dryer side-by-side instead of stacked, and install a table or countertop on top of the units to use as a folding table.

6 – Store in the laundry room detergents and products closest to the washer and dryer behind closed doors for a clean look.

For a polished look try using storage baskets

Good look with these 6 easy Ideas to Organize your Laundry Room!!



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