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Prints we Love

Prints we Love

Prints and patterns can be both killers and Saviors. Why? Because worn the wrong way can show more the parts we are trying to avoid but can also cause an impression to last! Even may get you the attention that you want.

Prints are essential in our closet because help us to update our wardrobe in any season, make us happy and allow us to express ourselves.

There are prints to last and be worn in many different seasons and work in every body shape. These are polka dots, stripes, flowers and prince of Wales. The last one I suggest to wear it from Fall to Spring.


1) Polka dots: I suggest small to a maximum of half inch of the dot, this size is very elegant and define the print. Color combination, it could be any that goes with your skin tone, I strongly recommend black background/white dots and vice versa, and background white or black/ gold dots. Silhouettes in blouses paired with skirts/ pants in any fabrication and dresses especially in silk and cotton.

2) Stripes and flowers: My favourites prints during the spring to Fall seasons. Perfect in cotton, silk, wool and even synthetic fabrics. Stripes add masculinity and flowers add femininity. Depending on the occasion and message you want to convey any of these prints could be very effective. For example a pinstripe wool suit for a business meeting is very powerful and elegant. Flowers on silk chiffon fabric is the symbol of femininity especially in pastel colors. Very sensual in the summer especially when it moves with your body.

3) Prince of Wales: Timeless! And once more the next strong piece to own coming this fall/winter season! The designer Gabriela Hearst has her iconic suit in every collection! How to balance it: In petite figures under 5’2” wear separates, if you wear a dress/ skirt or the whole suit you must wear it with heels 85mm and higher to make you look longer and if you are taller you are blessed this print you can wear it in many different ways with flats or any heel height.

Enjoy prints!

Prints are essential in our closet because help us to update our wardrobe

Mila Vargas
Fashion Consultant NYC



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