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What is in Your Wardrobe

What is in Your Wardrobe

Remember the scene in Sex and the city movie when Carrie Bradshaw was cleaning her wardrobe? Fun to watch, right? Imagine 3 days going through your past? Surely they needed 2 bottles of champagne and the best of the 80s playlist to do it!

I’ve been guilty of this at many times in my life; selecting quantity over quality. I had a wardrobe full of clothing that I didn’t wear because I purchased them during times of sadness, while I had to prove who I was, going through a breakup or I saw it on someone else. And I know that I am not the only one! I have heard the same experiences during my 20+ years in this business.
Now, I have grown to empower other layers of myself, and I shop embracing who I am. I am very excited to share this experience with you of how to build a wardrobe. The key is investing in timeless and essential pieces that are an expression of who you are. It will save you time, frustration, a possible fight with your partner for spending extra, and money. I’m sure that you could invest in so many other pleasures. For example in your dream vacation, upgrading to first class in that long flight, or a spa day).


Shopping for clothes is a very emotional purchase that reminds us who we are, who we want to be or what we are going through at certain time in our lives.

Keeping this idea in mind my suggestion is to go with quality rather than quantity. It is best to keep a light, solid and honest closet that reflects your personality and keeps you away from “I don’t have anything to wear” or “I forgot I had it”.

Quality is about shopping smart for pieces that are long-lasting and can be worn on multiple occasions and in different seasons. Smart pieces are defined by color, fabric, style and versatility.


● Fabrics: cotton, silks, wools (natural fabrics are breathable and easy care). Luxurious
cashmere and embroiders. Linen is a beautiful fabric, but requires high maintenance.

● Colors: black, navy/blue, brown, white and camel/beige (can be mixed with any print or
other strong colors). Red a color I personally love but be careful with the undertone against your own skin! For example, some reds can make your skin look too green or too yellow and this will alter your makeup.

● Style: Straight and A-line silhouettes for dresses, pants and skirts.

● Material: leather (handbag, shoes and clothing). Luxurious skins such as: lizard, crocodile and ostrich.

Remember attitude + clothing= empowered beautiful and unique woman!

Finally I want to share this amazyng quote: “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” — Karl Lagerfeld

Don't do emotional purchase. Your wardrobe can show the best of you

 Mila Vargas
Fashion Consultant NYC


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