Home English Blog Green it Up: 4 Ideas to Infuse Greenery into your Home

Green it Up: 4 Ideas to Infuse Greenery into your Home

Green it Up: 4 Ideas to Infuse Greenery into your Home

Green it up!!! Inside and outside, nothing lifts the spirits and infuses energy like flowers and greenery. Spread arrangements around the house including in the kitchen, family room, dining room, bedrooms, and terrace.

Even if you don’t have flowers planted outside, you could clip some colorful leaves from your garden and create arrangements for inside the home. One or two simple leaves can make an impressive statement. Add interest with different vases and decorative containers. Especially pretty are clear containers with white rocks at the bottom for weight.

Add color to your kitchen with a tall flower arrangement on the countertop or island. Use a decorative pitcher or vase and mix and match whatever you have on hand.

Add color to your kitchen with beautiful bougainvilleasAt the dining table, you could make small vase arrangements for each guest placement.  Or, tuck some flowers or colorful leaves into a napkin ring for added beauty. If you have large tropical leaves in your garden, place a few directly on your dining table under your serving platters to create a natural table runner or table cloth.

In the bedrooms, add a vase to the nightstand with soft, pretty flowers, succulents, or delicate leaves. Something fragrant would be nice to help you relax and get to sleep.

For the bathrooms, try floating a simple flower bud in a shallow glass bowl with a few inches of water for a tranquil look.

Don’t stop there, fill every room with nature.

Green it up! I hope you enjoy this 4 Ideas to Infuse more Greenery into your Home


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