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Making the Most Out of your Balcony

Making the Most Out of your Balcony

The balcony could be the best place to spend time looking at beautiful sunsets. Most of them are small, but you can make the space stand out with a few decorating essentials.

Window boxes full of flowers not only brighten up the space and add contrasting colors, but also create the illusion of enlarging the balcony. You can use the walls to hang wheather-resistant art work or additional mounted plants.

Don’t overcrowd with too much furniture. A small cafe table and two bistro chairs are all you need for watching the sunsets with your glass of wine in the balcony. Add a small area rug underneath for emphasis.

The only things you need to enjoy beautiful sunsets at your balcony are a small coffee table and a pair of bistro chairs.

If you have room at the end of your balcony, tuck in a small storage chest that doubles as seating. Add a cushion on top and some throw pillows as the backrest. Then store extra throw blankets for windy evenings. Don’t forget top up your watering can for the plants in there, too.

Choose a few functional accessories such as attractive candles holders for soft illumination.

Voila! You’ve created an outdoor space that you can enjoy alone or with a friend!


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