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What to Wear for a Job Interview

What to Wear for a Job Interview

If you ask me what to wear for a job interview my answer is very simple, you must wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to focus on the interview itself! If you doubt what you are wearing that means it is not appropriate.

What to wear for a job interview? My keywords are simple, comfortable and effortless but don’t be Andrea Sachs from “The Devil wears Prada”!! Comfort doesn’t mean lack of style! Classy doesn’t mean boring!

I will give you simple suggestions so you can nail that life changing experience which it starts at the moment you get that phone call! Remember you don’t know your interviewer and you may get many interviews the same day with different people.

Also make sure you follow my tips in designs for each body type.


PRINTS: keep them to the minimum to avoid distraction from your interviewer. I suggest polka dots or stripes in basic colors (black or ivory). If you wear a printed dress paired with a black blazer.

COLOR: keep it classic, you are not going to a fashion show nor a party! Happiness and leadership are reflected in the attitude not in what you are wearing! I suggest black, navy, camel, white or pastels. You will have more freedom with colors and prints if your interview is in the Fashion Industry. Don’t over do it! Effortless is the key to show style!

You can do pant suit/skirt suit, a dress, skirt or pant with a blouse and or tailored cardigan.

SHOES: I strongly suggest pumps/ Mary Janes without platform or booties depending on the season.

Keep accessories, neck lines and designs to the minimum! Also mini dresses, skirts or shorts are only limited to the Fashion Industry (entry positions). Knee length is the appropriate silhouette in all occasions.

BRING YOUR BEST ACCESSORIES: Confidence, positive attitude and drive! We all need to start somewhere!

Good luck in getting the job that will make you grow spiritually, professionally and will allow you to have the lifestyle you want!!

Mila Vargas

Fashion Consultant NYC



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